Curbing Anxiety with 10 Calmness Hacks, Courtesy of One Big Ass

image Kim Kardashian's big, sandy butt

Just a story about two butt cheeks on a boat, and how you can sleep better at night as a result. And feel more calm, centered and focused. And live an authentic life. You can thank one newsworthy ass for that. Unless you’ve been living in a cave the last decade you know about the […]

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Swearing in Therapy + Leaving Your Mom Behind

image Corgi pup via TalkTherapyBiz

You know that saying, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder?” In the case of this blog, it’s true. A little too true, to be honest. I’m guilty of committing one of the 7 deadly sins of blogging: I’ve been MIA. Well, not entirely, but close enough. In a nut shell, my website was “compromised” in […]

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Suicide: Giving Your Pain To Someone Else

image: Suicide doesn't take away the pain...via TalkTherapyBiz

“I know our time’s about up, but what do you think of (stylist and former model) L’Wren Scott’s death by suicide?” asks the counseling supervisee last week. We’re closing in on our “Rookie Review” session, when I resist the urge to default to: “Well, what do you think of her suicide?” Or “Why bring this […]

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Therapist Shaming: The Day 207 People Hated Me

image haters gonna hate via TalkTherapyBiz

“Those who spend their time finding faults in others, usually make no time to correct their own.” ~Art Jonak This article addresses: hatred adult-on-adult cyberbullying the implications for youth how you can help end this toxicity The back story: I write for Last Thursday I publish a post about the importance of avoiding the […]

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Stress Management for Adults + Teens: Finding Calm In An Anxious World (Video)

Image zen relaxation via TalkTherapyBiz

The bad news is American society is more stressed than ever. Stress in America “portrays a picture of high stress and ineffective coping mechanisms that appear to be ingrained in our culture, perpetuating unhealthy lifestyles and behaviors for future generations.”   Now for the good news: Stress and anxiety are highly manageable. Listen below and […]

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The Secret to Changing Rebellious Teens (Guest article on The Huffington Post)


Whether your teen has issues with substance use, bullying, failing grades or running away from home, one thing remains constant: If you want your child to change, you must change first. And if you’re rolling your eyes right now — hear me out. Parenting teens is like parenting toddlers — you’re sleep-deprived, stressed out, second-guessing […]

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