7 Bloggers I Want To Share My Couch With…

image versatile awardWell, it’s not like I said I want to be in bed with them. And “on the couch” has a higher PR than “has dinner.” <– I figured Ana would be proud of that little tech-y move;).

I am a psychotherapist, after all.

OK, so think of this post as taking “a mental health day.” As in, this post has next-to-no psychological value if you came here looking for tips for anxiety and depression.

But I’d like to think I have something to offer you today. The lovely Hajra from Hajra Kvetches! bestowed upon me, The Versatile Blogger Award (well, it’s more like she “hot-potato’d” me, but hey–she’s a fellow mental health professional, so she’s cool).

And because nothing in the blogosphere is free, I had to hit up 7 awesome bloggers, and write 7 random things about me. I decided to feature bloggers who I would like to be when I grow up…

Speaking of inspiration, Hajra got me thinking about what motivates me to write weekly posts that tackle anxiety, depression, and that godforsaken job known as “parenting.”

Hmmm, sure-as-shit ain’t the money, honey :p. Despite the hella hard work, I’m truly grateful to my faithful readers, and honored that people read, RT, and FB share.

And, it’s not like we don’t all have issues…

This month www.talktherapybiz.com  turns one-year-old. And in the spirit and celebration of official toddler-hood, I would like to delude myself  think that if  Naomi Dunford of www.ittybiz.com and Tim Brownson of www.adaringadventure.com  had a blog baby, it just may be me:).

I can dream, can’t I?


Seven random things about me:

1. I once knocked-out a woman while sparring at the boxing gym, and “gave her” a mild concussion (she easily had 100 lbs. on me, and I quickly realized it was hit hard, or go down harder). Afterwards, I called my instructor, Simon, “a punk-ass bitch” for putting us in the ring together. He laughed, and told me to, “man up.” I did.

2. At the dog park, when people comment that Siberian huskies are known for being really smart, I look down and mumble, “Oh, yeah–right…mine’s really… sweet.”

3. I used to eat Sara Lee “frozen fresh” Chocolate Cake straight from the box for dinner (because nothing screams White Trash…).

4. Most days I’m pretty cool, but when someone walks in the middle of the sidewalk, or a walkway, I go bat-shit crazy inside.

5. On a home-visit for work, I once stole an emaciated caged bunny from someone’s front porch because I thought it would be happier living with me.

6. The second best day of my life was viewing the purple line across the pregnancy stick.

7. I make the sign of the cross whenever I spot road kill. Once, just because nobody else likely blesses the hapless creatures, and sometimes twice (if I remember), because the animal could have been with child.

7 Bloggers I Wish I Could Be Like:

1. Itty Biz -Naomi Dunford- needs no introduction. This Marketing Rock Star knows her SEO, and writes with heart, humor, and a fair amount of explicit language. She also gave me some really cool, free marketing swag, once;).

2. A Daring Adventure- Tim Brownson: AKA, Who’s Your Daddy?, because you gotta love a Life Coach who spins a classic life lesson while incorporating his bloody testicles, and one adorable puppy.

3. Living Power- Laurie Wallin: is a woman after my social work heart; that is, if I had the balls to foster-adopt two special needs children…Laurie’s going to heaven.

4. Why Is Daddy Crying? “Mr. Chi-Town” : I don’t know his name, but I love him.  I usually refer to him as “Dude!” in twitter streams because he’s just that funny. And all the kids I’ve ever worked with from the inner-city deserve a daddy like him–even if he is White.  

5. Traffic Generation Cafe- Ana Hoffman is a SEO expert, who just happens to be a super engaging and beautiful person. I’ve learned so much from her gracious technical support; plus, she has a lively commenting section offering SEO, traffic generation tips, and help for the newbies.

6.  Every Day Bright-Jennifer Greshem- Poet, Optimist, and PhD Biochemist,<–badass, or what ?;). Jen writes about some heady life topics we can all relate to; that is, if we were gutsy, gracious, and deft enough to pull it off.

7. Life’s Crazy Joke- Meredith Soleau—I love this girl. I just met her via her awesome other blog. Meredith sent me her resume template when I commented in a post that I was interested in changing professions. But that’s not the only reason she’s cool; think of Meredith as the Jessica Simpson of the blogosphere… well, if Jessica was smart.

If you haven’t already, check them out. Or as Meredith might say, “For a good time, call www…”


Who inspires you?

This could be a fellow blogger, a friend, your mama…Everyone deserves recognition…

Have a blessed week:),


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Hi there! I'm an Anxiety Saboteur and the creator of the soon-to-be retired TalkTherapyBiz.com. If you want to join me on Wired for Happy click this link to subscribe for details.

16 Responses to "7 Bloggers I Want To Share My Couch With…"

  1. HajraNo Gravatar says:

    I am so glad you did the post! Kind of like introspection. The bunny thing is really interesting..you actually stole it?
    Off to check out your fav seven!
    and yes..the title is very cool, very innovative!

    • Linda EspositoNo Gravatar says:

      TY, Hajra–it was introspective:). Yes, I stole the bunny, b/c after the second or third time trying to see this family, who I believe were actually home, but didn’t want to talk w the school social worker (as if…), I decided it was probably goint to die…his little ribs were showing through. I guess, no, I know that’s stealing, but I couldn’t stand the insufferable look he gave me when I knocked on the door.

      Enjoy the the fav seven– are amazing:).

  2. Why Is Daddy CryingNo Gravatar says:

    I’m honored, flattered, and a tad bit bloated. Thanks for including me on the couch!! And you know what? That woman you knocked out probably needed a good ass kicking anyway. Thanks again lady!! Mighty mighty nice of you!

    • Linda EspositoNo Gravatar says:

      Dude! I’m so happy you’re honored, and I just really want to say thanks again, for always bringing a smile to my face. Aww, she was a college student, and I think she didn’t understand that sparring doesnt’ mean balls-to-the-wall. I honestly felt bad, but did have a few long seconds where I feared for my safety. Oh, and my son came to the gym that day. Can’t be having Junior brag that mama got her ass kicked;).

  3. Jen GreshamNo Gravatar says:

    This really made me laugh! I’m honored to be on the couch with so many well humored people. I admire that, and you’ve definitely got it!

    Thanks, Linda. And don’t forget, I specialize in helping people change careers. So let me know if you want help.

    • Linda EspositoNo Gravatar says:

      And I’m honored to have you on the couch, Jen! TY for the reminder that you specialize in career changes–I just may hit you up…


  4. Tim BrownsonNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks so much Linda for including me and your support round the net, I really do appreciate it.

    I only just found Jen’s blog and her writing is excellent. I’m (almost) appalled to say I don’t know any of the other blogs other than Naomi’s, obviously!

    I’m a very selfish blogger that way and I read very few blogs and only actually subscribe to 2! (Jonathan Fields and Remarkablogger in case you are wondering).

    The reason being is the same reason I opted not to go to SXSW, and that’s because I see myself as a Life Coach that blogs and not a blogger that coaches like so many of the people in our field.

    Also, I also know I can get sucked into following link after link if I’m not careful and never actually get any work done, so I tend to read links for an hour each morning from Twitter whilst walking the dogs and then step away from the blogs.

    And not to kiss ass just because you were kind enough to mention me, but you always add value to my blog and on Twitter and I enjoy our chats.

    Thanks again!!

    • Linda EspositoNo Gravatar says:

      Aww, thanks for the kind words Tim. I think I may have to take your strategy for reading blogs. I like limiting to one hour in the morning, although my dog is so bat-shit crazy on walks (and yes, I take half the blame), I wouldn’t have the luxury of multi-tasking.

      And, for what it’s worth, I see you as a standout Life Coach. I love your site design and navigation.

      Yes, Jen’s an amazing writer, and I always learn from her posts.

      TY for taking time from your busy schedule–I appreciate our chats, too:).

  5. Ana | Traffic Generation CafeNo Gravatar says:

    Linda – what an awesome idea and so honored to be your “it”.

    Even though our niches are miles apart (to say the least), I love coming here for your honest, unbiased, say-it-like-it-is outlook on life.

    And quite honestly, I could use your couch a lot more often that I do. :)

    This post is definitely a great idea. I think I might want to continue this little blogging meme over at my blog.


    • Linda EspositoNo Gravatar says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Ana. To be honest, I could use your SEO and traffic generation more than I do, too. Although the tech-stuff is initmidating for a Luddite–I remember you saying once that you just need to focus on learning at least one new SEO task per day. And to be more honest, I could use my couch more than I do–sometimes I need to focus more on actually doing what I’m advising others to do to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression.

      Now I have to Google meme, cuz I don’t know what that means–hehe. My SM task for the day:).


  6. Delena SilverfoxNo Gravatar says:

    I was downtown and walking in the middle of the sidewalk, and it made me think of you. I lol’d. =)

    This is a really great list, and I was excited to see a few of my favorites here already.


    • Linda EspositoNo Gravatar says:

      Lol! You’re one of THOSE, Delena—seriously, that just gets me…hmmm, maybe I need to conduct a bit of self-analysis. Must be my own issue w “middle of the roadness,” or something.

      Would love to know your favs…:)

  7. Neroli MakimNo Gravatar says:

    Hey linda:) u have a very funny, very cool blog here, i’m so glad u popped a comment on mine & I meandered over here! I took quite a while to check my comments, so tardy response time! Re my terrible spelling, sorry, can’t slip out of twitter mode : / Anyway, I loved reading those funny, sometimes slightly unhinged things about u..makes me feel all the more comfortable with my own brand of madness.
    I haven’t knocked out anyone, but I gave someone a huge black eye when i kicked her…wasn’t an accident but I made it look like it…we were training capoeira together & she kept being pushy! I also speared someone with a javelin in high school, that was an accident… hey, I’m supposed to be saying who inspires me…hmmm, hugh macleod is one of the many. I’ve written too much now, tho, have to go! :) n

    • Linda EspositoNo Gravatar says:

      Haha Neroli! Still laughing at your spearing someone w a javelin–Gawd, what a great sport to take up to aid in anger management–you’re very inspiring. Oh, and calling me “slightly unhinged,” now that’s a good one, too.

      You’re funny girl–so glad you meandered over:)

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