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I will teach you to be calm.

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If you’re not sleeping at night, or you’re unfocused, and feeling nervous for much of the day, help is on the way.

I’ve been a therapist for over a decade and I’ve taught hundreds of clients how to get from anxiety to zen. Not to mention, myself.

I know how frustrating the chronic negative thoughts, the Critical Inner Voice, and the loose boundaries can be.

I made a four-week program to combat generalized anxiety for you.


This is the same information I share with my therapy clients. And though this isn’t therapy, the material is therapeutically oriented, and evidence-based.

At less than 1/3 of the price of a typical therapy session, it’s a great way to get to the root of anxiety, once and for all.



The Reason This Product Exists

For starters, there’s over 46 million prescriptions for anti-anxiety medications written every year for adults in America, alone.

Talk about Xanax Nation…

Here’s the thing: Anxiety is a highly fixable problem, but people don’t realize this. I’ve seen far too many clients struggle with anxiety at home, at work and in every facet of their lives.

Many of these people have tried self-help books, or therapy. There’s nothing wrong with either of these interventions, but it takes a holistic approach, delivered in a user-friendly manner to make lasting and meaningful changes.

I polled dozens of people about their ideal “anxiety-relief” product.

Common requests included, audio exercises for breathing and relaxation, and videos with a real, honest person to connect with. And mostly a voice:

“Self-help books are good and I’ve used them, but when I put them down I forget the material. I want a human voice to reassure me that I’m not alone in this.”


Here’s what you’re going to learn

Your downloadable material is designed to last four weeks, and consists of videos, recorded slideshows, audio mp3 files and written course notes + exercises (for those who prefer the written word), and is divided into four modules:


Week 1: Calm is an Inside Job

This is the starting point on your holistic guide to feeling more calm, confident and in control. Focus is how to get in touch with your body through breathing, relaxation, visualization, and self-awareness.

Lifestyle tips include:

~common dietary culprits which contribute to anxiety

~sleep tips

~7 financial questions to get you thinking about your relationship to money

~de-cluttering. Because if you’re physical space isn’t organized, neither is your mind.


Week 2: Mindfulness + Positive Psychology

Let’s face it, living in the past causes depression while worrying about the future creates anxiety. The only time you have is NOW. There’s a lovely meditation mp3 to guide you, too!

Why positive psychology? Because when it comes to mental health, there’s a lot of good to be had. Focusing on the negative leads to endless rumination on your problems + it’s not solution-based.


Week 3: Changing Negative Thoughts + Anxiety’s Hidden Emotion

This module teaches that you are not your thoughts. This is the meat of the program and requires work and intentional focus on changing those pesky, negative thought patterns once and for all.

You’ll learn the common negative traps and how to avoid them in order to have healthier and more realistic thoughts.

I don a special hat in the video, too!

Then there’s anxiety’s hidden emotion–get ahold of this bad boy, and I guarantee you’ll feel more in control of your emotional life. It’s a life-changer, guys…I’ll bet my license to practice social work + 13 years experience on that one.


Week 4: Boundary-building

“Healthy boundaries are the key to happiness.”

But here’s the thing, unless you’re aware of your body’s stress cues and know how to respond according; unless you’re focused on the present, and unless you know how to change your negative dialogue, you will not be able to tighten your boundaries.

Most importantly, you won’t learn the best lesson of all: You teach people how to treat you.

After you’ve gone through all four modules, you will understand how to get from anxiety to a place of calm.

Once and for all.


Here’s what they’re saying:

Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 1.48.13 PMAs a person who does different types of creative work, it’s especially important for me to keep anxiety levels in check. If I don’t, I simply can’t do my best work or be as productive as I need to be.

Creative work hits on all sorts of interior vulnerabilities and finding calm interior space becomes essential on a daily basis.

What I find especially helpful about Anxiety to Zen are the activities. Integrating new behaviors and habits into your life can be extremely challenging for even the most disciplined of us (I’m not one of them), but a clear commitment and the exercises and guided visualizations help a ton.

The section on boundaries is worth its weight in gold alone!

I also appreciate how Linda goes into the physical as well as the psychological aspects of anxiety. It’s refreshing to see a holistic approach rather than the typical “keep calm and carry on” advice that can come across as trite to someone who’s suffering.

I can’t wait to get started with my 30-day challenge!

–Naomi Niles, Product Designer at Epokka, Bellingham, WA


Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 2.03.09 PMLinda has done a wonderful job of pulling together a whole program for those who suffer from anxiety.

A psychotherapist with over ten years of experience, Linda has built modules that provide a comprehensive, but simple and achievable approach to managing anxiety in today’s busy world.

Overall, this is an excellent course for *everyone.* As Linda says in her slideshow, we are disposed to a negative bias because being alert to danger is what has enabled our survival from an evolutionary standpoint; we all have to manage anxiety to a greater or lesser extent.The use of notes, slideshows and mp3s allow for individual learning styles and I can guarantee you will find many points of learning and new material throughout the program, even those who are experienced in anxiety management.

When we are anxious, it is natural to want someone more learned to guide us, and Linda is that person. Confident, clear and knowledgeable, she makes you feel like you are in safe hands while giving you the tools to help yourself.

–Alison Golden, Bestselling Author of The Modern No-Nonsense Guide to Paleo


-1With Linda’s many years of professional experience helping people find freedom from anxiety, she definitely delivers in a well laid out course that cuts all the fluff and focuses on what is important.–

Benny Hsu


By clicking the button below now, you’ll receive:

  • A fun, at times entertaining, and always insightful holistic guide to anxiety relief
  • 3 videos and 4 recorded slideshows to keep you interested, focused, and accountable
  • 7 audio files on breathing, relaxation, visualization, and meditation
  • A written course outline + exercises
  • A bonus 30-day calendar outlining how to spend 30 minutes per day. And quotes–because people love their quotes ;)
  • My word that this stuff works, or your 30-day money back guarantee

…all for $47.00

That’s less than 1/3 of the price of a therapy session, and just a click away.



I’m donating 10% of every sale to the Make a Wish foundation, which grants the wish of children facing a life-threatening illness in the U.S.A.


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254236_134171706597617_1724092_nThank you for letting me be a part of your emotional-wellness journey,

–Linda Esposito

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